Penatzer Twins | IN-HOME Lifestyle Newborn Session | Summerhill, PA

I'm so behind on blogging! I'm pretty sure these girls might be driving already!

Doing this session meant the world to me. We waited on these girls for so long. I literally prayed for these babies everyday. I cried when I found out she was pregnant. I cried when they were born. It was all I could do to not cry when I finally met them. 

The girls came a little early and it took me a month to get back to my hometown to do the shoot! In my mind I thought these two would need a little extra time to get acclimated TO TWINS. I walked in and they were cool, calm, professional parents already! TO TWINS! 

A few reasons why I love in-home sessions: 

Meet my cousin Craig. Craig HATES photos. Literally. Worse than anyone I know.  (Craig probably also hates that I'm blogging their session...but it's too perfect not to.) He rocked this session. Dads are GREAT at in-home sessions. They don't have to go anywhere. They can wear their favorite t-shirt. They get to take a lot of breaks. All they need to do is look lovingly at their wife and hold those snuggly babes. Easy. 

Meet Craig's wife Tara. Tara looks amazing and is probably the most relaxed mom to twins I've ever seen. She was stressing about the session because their house is "small." I assured her that everything was perfect because they have the largest front window I've ever seen.  She was mad because Craig decided to build shelves in the girls' room two days before the session. Personally, those unfinished 2x4s on the wall are one of my favorite things about this session. 

It's part of their now.

We captured life for them, as is. THESE are the those first few weeks together as a brand new family. Your home contains so many tiny details and memories that make these sessions like mini time capsules. Things that seem so ordinary in this moment, but years from now will flood your heart with memories.  An old dresser, a stuffed animal in it's prime, 2x4s on the walls of your first tiny house, or just knowing that 75% of your possessions are jammed in a corner somewhere just out of the frame- these are all the little things you absolutely don't want to forget. Ever.