IN-HOME Lifestyle Session | Howard, PA | Scanlan Family

Lifestyle sessions are something new I'm offering for 2017 and I'm super excited about it. They are becoming hugely popular these days, mostly for newborn photography. Having a new baby is awesome, but you don't necessarily need one to do a lifestyle session! Most of my clients and followers already know that I don't do a ton of "posed" photos. My favorite shots always show the candid, real-life emotion between families. Doing in-home sessions takes this to the next level! This is YOUR LIFE - your REAL life, at your home base, where your family is the most comfortable. The kids absolutely love it. The kids are in their glory showing me their rooms and their favorite toys.  It totally allows me to capture their true personalities! As a mom, these little details and ordinary moments are the things I never want to forget. I also love that it's something new and DIFFERENT. 

Amber submitted her beautiful family for my recent model call. After sifting through quite a few other beautiful families, I decided that they were a perfect fit. What sealed the deal? The photos she sent me were of her kiddos with their Christmas gifts, wrapped in PLAIN brown paper packaging.  I LOVE plain brown paper packaging. I knew at that second that we shared the same neutral vibes and the appreciation for simplicity. When I arrived at their house, she did not disappoint. The kids were amazing and her style was on point. I think I asked her a million times, "Oooo...where'd you get that?!" 

I live for the unknown of a new place and finding those killer pockets of light. That's where the magic happens. I found it here at the VERY end of their session. The images in their super wide hallways are my favorite from the session. The sunshine was amazing and kids love to play in the sunshine. What made me feel it even more - Travis, their dad, had just finished the wainscoting HIMSELF, which I think just adds another layer of authenticity to this photo and to their story.  I'm so excited to share the images from this session.

Scanlan family, Howard, PA, lifestyle family session
Howard, PA, family photography
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Family story time, in-home photography, lifestyle session
Light pocket in the hallway, daddy kisses
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