This Is Us | 365 Project | Bellefonte, PA

My first post! GAH! Let me preface this by saying, I am by NO means a writer. In fact, it totally terrifies me to even entertain the thought of blogging! This is why I prefer to tell stories with pictures, instead of words!! I wanted 2017 to be different. I’ve already decided to do more of what scares me and to hopefully make myself a better photographer.  I’ve been behind the scenes, working on this site for MONTHS! Yes, It’s taken me that long to write the very few words you will find there. So buckle up and prepare yourselves for run on sentences, improper punctuation, and possibly even the wrong word (you have no idea how many times I use google to use words in the correct context)! I also overuse “….” and smiley faces a lot. Don’t judge :) Also, apparently two spaces after a period is a thing of the past? Who knew. I will still be using two spaces. 

I’m doing this because I wanted a place where I could share more of my work. Posting one or two photos on Facebook just doesn’t seem like *enough*. There’s so much more to a session than that one, million dollar shot. There’s the giggles, the laughs, the tiny details, and all of the in between moments that I want to share with everyone. I want people to see what I see. 

So mostly from my posts, you will see…pictures. If something completely wild and crazy happens during the shoot, I will share it. If there’s a backstory, I will share it. Moving on....

For my first post I wanted to share something personal and something that means A LOT to me, my 365 Project.  I’ve been updating this on my personal page and will occasionally share my images on my business page. 

Around this time last year, I saw another photographer post her complete project and I was completely inspired. Her photos were AMAZING and her kids did so much fun stuff! EVERYDAY! I figured I would give it hell and see how far I could make it. I expected to maybe last a month. My life isn’t exciting. We rarely do *fun* things. Most of our days consist of us trying to get out the door in the morning with our hair and teeth brushed, coming home, eating dinner at the table, having snacks, and going to bed! The one thing I do know- as long and as crazy hard as these days can be- I don’t want to forget ANY of it. 

Here we are, a year later…and I actually did it. I've only missed one day (don’t worry, I totally cheated to make up for it)! This is the first thing I think I’ve ever actually stuck with and completed. I’ve learned so much by doing this project. Most importantly, I’ve learned to see the beauty in OUR everyday life. Even though some days are completely boring and monotonous (yep, googled that one), I had to challenge myself to capture it from a different perspective. I’ve learned to be more patient. I can appreciate a mess, and now stop to take a picture of it.  I feel 100% certain I’ve captured details from this year that I would have otherwise forgotten and I’m so unbelievably grateful for that.

I haven’t quite figured out how to post 366 photos to a blog, so here’s the link to my complete 365 project.